Our Founder

Dr. Ron Jackson lived his life first and foremost to serve and glorify God. He loved his wife and family, and everyone that he knew. He met anyone right where they were in life, and always showed them the love of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jackson served as pastor from 1966 until 2007. In 2005, he answered the call to begin Parson’s Pantry Ministry. The purpose of this ministry was to give financial assistance to needy pastors, widows of pastors, and married ministerial students. October was Parson’s Pantry Month and he always did an annual walk carrying his flag to raise awareness of the ministry. Several times he walked 100-plus miles across South Carolina.

Ron and his wife, Karen, worked tirelessly on this ministry, and through faithful donations distributed over one million dollars to those in need.

Ron met His Lord face-to-face June 4, 2020 after a sustaining a spinal injury from an accidental fall. He remains such a shining light, and is deeply missed. You can read his obituary HERE.

Photo Gallery

Click through the fun and exciting photos from Dr. Jackson’s 100-mile walks across South Carolina.